Payment Kiosk - Leicester City Council

Public Sector

Public Sector organisations continually look to drive down costs and improve operational efficiencies. Solutions must optimise staff productivity, whilst improving customer service. When it comes to transaction processing, every penny counts, and channel migration is the solution.

For regular payments, Direct Debits work well due to their low cost. However, payments for miscellaneous items or those made by less-advantaged individuals require a cost-effective yet robust collection method.

Banking Automation’s Self-Pay Kiosk accepts cash payments, issuing change where necessary and enabling debit and credit card payments through industry-standard, Chip and PIN. Compatible with all cash receipting systems, it accepts payments for virtually any fund type – including those on behalf of Utility companies, Shared Service arrangements and payments collected in conjunction with ALMOs.

Some Councils and many Housing Associations have already gone cashless. But they still need to be able to accept card payments. Banking Automation’s compact and cost-effective Card Payment Kiosk enables this, by interfacing with all cash receipting systems and issuing detailed receipts for payments.

Many UK hospitals lose millions of pounds by not having a facility for patient prescription payments. Banking Automation’s payment kiosk solutions accept payments for prescriptions, maternity scans, fees for access to medical records and virtually any other payment required – using cash or a debit/credit card, and generating a unique and detailed receipt for the patient.

When collecting court fines, it is vital to provide a payment facility that’s quick and convenient to use, yet which caters for both cash and card payments and issues detailed receipt slips. With a history of deploying such machines, Banking Automation’s Pay-In Machines and Self-Pay Kiosks accept fine payments and interface with virtually all back-office cash receipting systems.

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