The Combo from Banking Automation gives your business a secure, accurate and reliable way to conduct change transactions as well as accepting high-value commercial deposits in tamper-evident deposit bags. Two important and valuable transactions migrated away from tellers to just one self-service device.

With a compact design the Combo uses minimal floor space whilst an intuitive interface and high reliability maximises availability and minimises total cost of ownership. Your commercial customers quickly complete two transactions at one device; change orders and business pay-in.

Branch staff can therefore be released from time consuming cash handling duties and can instead focus on more profitable activities. Customers no longer have to queue at the teller position but can now conduct their valuable transactions at the self-service wall.

The Combo’s on-board monitoring system continually monitors live operational status and creates alerts in real-time for any issues that occur. Downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and problems can be diagnosed quickly.

Typical Applications

  • Banks and other financial institutions – for business customers and retailers paying-in and performing change transactions
  • Retail shopping malls – as a convenient business centre solution for retailers without access to local banking facilities

“The Combo offers the best of both worlds; two important commercial customer transactions migrated to just one compact device in our self-service wall”