Pay In Machine

The Pay-In Machine (PIM) improves overall customer experience by migrating costly and time-consuming high-volume cash transactions away from the teller. So, they can focus on customer sales and service.

With flexibility to be installed in the wall, externally or as a free-standing unit, Banking Automation’s PIMs give customers a convenient, secure way to deposit money.

Future-proof and upgradable in the field, our PIM makes transactions faster and improves security in any Self-Service environment, while providing extended hours access to services. An on-board monitoring system constantly verifies operational status, ensuring optimal performance at all times with fully retrievable audit files always available.

Typical Applications:

  • Banks and other financial institutions – for personal and business customers making cash/cheque/coin deposits
  • Local Government Offices – for payment of rents, taxes, court fines, parking fines
  • Utility company offices – for payment of bills
  • Transport – for airline cabin crew, bus or train drivers and conductors depositing fares or payments received
  • Retail outlets – as a convenient cash deposit system for daily takings, and for as a paying-in point for customers with store cards

Configure the PIM as a single offline unit or as part of a fully-networked system providing real-time data capture. Once installed, it can be operated by card, barcode, RFiD or keypad. Screen animations guide customers through the entire deposit process, and a unique paper receipt is issued after every transaction.

The machine is ergonomically designed to accommodate Disability Discrimination Act compliance. By taking administration away from staff, they can focus on other activities that improve business productivity.

“The external Pay-In machine has set the new standard for 24/7 self service depository and provides a convenient and secure proposition. The system offers a rapid, simple and secure deposit facility for business customers.”