Cash Exchange Machine

Banking Automation’s Cash Exchange Machine (CEM) gives your business a secure, accurate and reliable way to change high denomination banknotes into low denomination banknotes and coins. Capable of dispensing up to eight denominations of rolled coin in a single transaction, you can also choose how you receive your converted money.

Its compact design uses minimal floor space, whilst a simple user interface and high reliability maximise availability and minimise total cost of ownership.  Your customers can complete their daily change orders quickly, easily and securely using the completely automated system.

This releases branch staff from time-consuming cash handling duties, enabling them to focus on more profitable activities. Furthermore your customers no longer have to queue and can complete their change orders quickly.

The CEM’s onboard monitoring system continuously verifies live operational status and flags issues in real-time, which keeps downtime to a minimum and enables problems to be fixed quickly.

Typical Applications

  • Banks and other financial Institutions – for business customers and retailers exchanging cash
  • Transport – for retailers in busy locations such as airports and train stations
  • Retail outlets – as a convenient cash exchange point for retailers without access to local banking facilities

“This is a really convenient way for commercial customers to obtain their daily change orders and we can now redeploy some of our staff to more profitable activities within the Bank.”