Payment Kiosks vs Bill Payment Providers



Public sector organisations such as Local Authorities and Housing Associations have a number of different payment channels at their disposal in order to collect revenue from customers.

One of the most common is outsourcing to a payment aggregator such as Allpay and the Post Office. Although this method retains it’s own benefits, Banking Automation payment kiosks deliver a number of significant advantages when they are directly compared:

  • Dramatic Improvement in Cash Flow – eliminate the 5–10 day ‘holding period’ levied by payment aggregators. All cash retained in the kiosk is ready to bank the same day and all card payment files are transmitted to your acquiring bank the very same day.
  • Significant Reduction in Transaction Charges – cash transactions on the kiosk deliver a 56% saving in comparison to cash collections taken at ‘high street outlets’.
  • No Ongoing Charges – avoid the cost of payment card design, production & mailing costs.
  • No Charge for Downloading Payment Files – with kiosks these are available at a time and format dictated by the Council, at no extra charge.
  • Retain Communication with your Customer – include on-screen messaging to promote channel shift and acquire information from tenants to determine if their circumstances have changed.
  • Introduce a New Revenue Stream – add funds from 3rd parties such as Utilities, Credit unions, Housing Associations & others to earn commission on a ‘per click’ basis.
  • Preserve Independence – introduce a flexible payment channel that can be interfaced with a cash receipting system of your choice.

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