Flintshire County Council

Self Pay Kiosk – Flintshire County Council

Flintshire County Council is committed to providing first class customer service centres in all the area’s major towns. It’s ‘Flintshire Connects’ project involves the creation of four centres, which offer simpler and amalgamated access to Council services together with other public sector organisations, including Job Centre Plus and North Wales Police.

As part of the plans to ‘join-up’ Council services, traditional cashier payment service have been migrated to a new self-service concept. The Council required a solution that was not only quick but also more cost-effective. It conducted a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis on payment options and discovered that vast savings on transaction costs could be made as a result of deploying Self-Pay Kiosks.

Having selected Banking Automation as their kiosk provider, it ensured that friendly service advisors were available to support customers using the payment kiosks for the first time. Over forty transactions per day are now completed on the kiosks. The Council are witnessing a daily increase in use as customers become aware of the quick and convenient self-service option.

Initial feedback from customers has been positive, indicating that the kiosks are very intuitive and clear step-by-step instructions make the payment process simple. Previously costs per transaction were averaging well over £1. The kiosks have reduced this to less than 50p per transaction.

With the overwhelming success of Flintshire Connects and the current kiosk installations, the Council are now looking to roll out this solution to their remaining Flintshire Connects in the county.


“In a period of considerable transition, Banking Automation have proved a reliable partner and due to the success of the initial kiosk installations, we look forward to rolling out the Self-Pay Kiosk to our remaining Flintshire Connects.”


Richard Mallon, Team Leader for Revenues & Income Management, Flintshire County Council