Basildon Centre

Self Pay Kiosk – Basildon Centre

make-a-paymentThe Basildon Centre is at the heart of the market town, leading to high level of footfall. There exists an increasing face to face payment culture, particularly in challenging economic times where people are mindful of every pound spent. With face to face payment demand steadily increasing up to £2 million per month in cash, banking and cash handling charges increasing incrementally, payment demand was increasing beyond available resource. Changes had to be made in order to handle this demand with limited resource.


Basildon Borough Council implemented an incremental and sustainable channel migration strategy for payments at the Basildon Centre, underpinned by the phased introduction of four auto-payment terminals. The transition is part of the Council’s commitment to empower customers – ‘giving a hand up, not a hand-out’ to refocus resource on helping customers to help themselves.

Completed in September 2013, this has seen traditional reception and cashiering sections replaced with self-service enabling technologies, to allow Customer Advisors to offer engaging and interpersonal service to customers.




Self-Pay Kiosks maintain a great service whilst creating efficiencies, by:

  • Maintaining face to face payment provision option for customers at reduced cost
  • Ensuring high customer satisfaction
  • Reducing payment waiting times


The redesign emphasised customer self service, whether that be choosing the service they want to, processing their own payments or accessing a host of services via the web, – all under the guidance of mobile customer advisors. The cashiers ‘barrier’ was removed, offering a more engaging and interpersonal service for customers – allowing emphasis on assisted self-service. Direct Debit payments were championed, particularly during the re-design process. Marketing and branding the change to the way we work for an extended period in order to manage customer expectation with ‘Help yourself’/’Beat the Queues’ being key themes.