Self-service cash solutions

Cash Exchange Machine

Self-service cash solutions –¬†Continuous innovation

Banking Automation is a UK-based independent company. Since 1984, we’ve pioneered the design, development and integration of automated self-service cash solutions that make life easier for businesses across the world.

We believe in continuous improvement through innovation, to create the very best products for our customers. Many of the world’s major banks and financial institutions trust us to deliver against their specific needs, time and again.

Banking Automation specialises in three solutions:

  • Pay-in machines
  • Cash exchange machines
  • Combos

Our Vision

We want to be the first choice for fast, secure, convenient cash self-service solutions.

We’ll achieve this by focusing on six key values, across our business:

1. Using only proven technology to create fully-integrated, best-of-breed solutions.

2. Delivering the quality our customers demand, at the right price.

3. Taking the time to properly understand competitive organisations and products, to stay aware of market developments and new technologies.

4. Investing significantly in research and development, to ensure our products are led by innovation.

5. Creating new products to serve customer-specific requirements – and getting them to market quickly.

6. Offering unique ‘added-value’ services that enhance our customers’ business, by maintaining competitive advantage and improving performance.

Circular Economy

As a manufacturer, we are constantly working towards the benefits of a circular economy. We are aiming to keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products at the end of their serviceable life.

We appreciate this is an important area for all of our clients when looking at product development, sustainability and end of life management. We would be delighted to discuss our options with you further to help design your circular solution.

Circular Economy